False advertising – no puppies to follow.  One of my favorite emails I’ve gotten at work in recent memory was a mail describing a process change.  It was fairly lengthy and at the bottom was the final section – Puppies!.  Which, as you might expect, was just some pictures of puppies.  Maybe a reward for reading that far?  Who knows :).  While I’m playing with the new site and set up and whatnot, here’re some random pictures of the dogs from recent times.

Rascal loves Lake Bill in Microsoft main campus.  Possibly the most exciting place ever (if you discount Double Bluff beach on Whidbey).  Giving the ‘photography’ tag some credibility – this was a series of shots where I basically had to throw it on full auto because he was running around like a loon. 

Meanwhile, Shay was not super impressed by the Tulip Festival.  The other dog there, the horses nearby, the flies buzzing around the flowers, yes.  Tulips no.  “Photography” comment here – I’m not super happy with how the exposure (white balance and the exposure of Shay vs. the background) came out here, but it’s about as good as I got it without getting more into layers or being more selective about lightening only the back.  Will have to try again when I have more time and patience for post-processing…

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