Adventures in BBQ: Smoked Beer-can Chicken

Resuming the series* of trying out the new smoker, today was beer-can chicken…  I know a few people that make this and it’s usually just on the regular grill.  Well, timing aligned that I’ve been wanting to try this and I’ve been wanting to smoke a chicken so that’s how she went.  Like my last few tries on the smoker – Weber’s Way to Grill was the source of the reciepe.  They haven’t steered me wrong yet :).

Before you rub the chicken, it’s supposed to be covered in salt for a while.  They actually say it should “look like a light dusting of snow”. 

Once that’s done, it takes the rub and after a bit of a rest, on to the beer it goes…

Hour and a half later and here’s what you get 😀 (of course you can’t forget the potatoes)…

So, three meals in and the gas smoker, travesty that it may be, is already delivering better than the charcoal one was.  I haven’t tried ribs yet, which is the one thing that always came out well on the charcoal smoker – that’ll be the true comparison.  Maybe I’ll need a double-blind test? 🙂

*It’s a “series” because on the old site I had a couple of posts about smoking meat – the first was a brisket and the second pulled pork…  Since it’s not looking good for migrating the old posts here I’ll just note that a couple photos are still online.

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