Adventures in BBQ, OK, Grilling: glazed rotisserie chicken

My earlier posts were about smoking food and I’ll be getting back to cooking on the smoker soon :).  Unfortunately our beautiful mild late-winter-early-spring has turned a bit crap, so I’ve been looking at higher temperature and shorter timeline ways to cook outside.   And I remembered that I bought a rotisserie attachment for the grill years ago that’s had little use.  Onwards to the rotisserie chicken 🙂

I’m starting to turn into a Weber’s Way To Grill fanboy – I haven’t hit a bad reciepe here yet.  This time was a glazed chicken reciepe. 

Start with a buttermilk based brine for a few hours

Dry off the coating throw on the spit, and put it on the grill over a pan with some water and indirect medium-high heat for a bit more than an hour.  For the last part you brush on a sweet glaze – fruit juice, syrup, vinegar, etc that were boiled down to thicken.

And the final result – sitting for a few minutes before I remove the spit and carve

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