Shots from Otter Falls hike

Last weekend we took advantage of a break in string of bad weather weekends and finally got out for a hike with some friends and, of course :), Shay and Rascal.  We headed out to Otter Falls based on recommendation from our dog hikes in Washington book.  I’d rate it as a nice fairly flat hike and it gets bonus points for being relatively un-crowded.

We’re going on a hiking and rafting trip later this year and part of this was to try out the lens I’m planning on bringing in conditions closer to what I expect to see.  I have some photos of folks from the hike, including a beautiful shot of Bruce’s taped together and falling apart boot :), but like normal will stick with some nature shots here.   I got a couple shots of the falls, but none of them are the nice creamy flowing water shots you see on photos sites – I need to invest in some filters and bring along a tripod if I’m ever going to get those…

It's a ledge, eh?

 Lots of downed trees around and some of them looked fairly fresh – great for texture photos…

There were more instances of trees that shared a common base and then split as they went up than I expected.

And, of course, a couple of Shay and Rascal too :).  The turnaround point for us was this old concrete bridge from when the trail was a road – it was a great stopping point for lunch, and it overlooks some falls which Rask is staring off at in this shot:

We had to stop at one point for Sharad to repair Bruce’s boot, and Shay happened to step into a sunbeam admist the shadows of the tree canopy while we were there.  If we were in a movie from the 40s and 50s, it’d be a sign that she was the heroine 🙂

No post about Otter Falls hike would be complete without a comment on the road to get there.   Driving those last 6 or 7 miles is pretty intense – it really let us know what we were getting into when we hit the start of the stretch of potholes-with-a-side-of-road and one of the potholes had a carpart in the middle of the road where it’d fallen off.   Fortunately I think all of my car made it back :).

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