“summer” weather got you down? Go somewhere else!

When the strange weather we’ve been getting for “summer” in the area (grey, cool, rainy) gets you down, you should get out of dodge!   We’ve just wrapped up a second trip this summer, both in the last few weeks.  First was a trip to Montana for whitewater rafting and hiking on the Middle Fork of the Flathead river for a week.  I’ll have a longer post about the trip coming in the next week or so – it was fantastic and I can’t say enough good things about it :).  The second trip was a few days in DC with some friends to see some of the sights and the Sounders take on the DC United.  Very fun if a bit hot, humid, and tiring and I’ll also post more specifically about that trip too :).  In the meanwhile, here’s a photo from each.

Creek coming down from the lake towards the river that was next to one of our campgrounds:

Photo of the creek coming off of Castle Lake near Middle Fork of the Flathead River

Gerry pointed out at one stage that  you’d actually be better off just getting photos of most things in DC from the web or a book or something.  He’s right, but nonetheless here’s my photo of the White House :).  Just above where the photo ends there’s actually a nice blue sky rather than just the haze and clouds you see behind it here…

The White House

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