my head is in the cloud…

I’ve mentioned it on facebook, but not here yet – about a week and half ago I started a new job over in Windows Azure.  It was a hard decision in some ways because I’d been in Windows Servicing [really old link for definition] for so many years (so much for the couple-year-plan when I first joined :)) and the mission, customer value, good people to work with and hard problems to solve were all something I very much enjoyed.  That said, 1.5 wks in, so far I’m glad I’ve made the move.  Ask me again in a few months :).  In a lot of ways, I’m already recognizing that I maybe should have moved earlier.  I think a piece of advice I heard a VP give after a talk sums a lot of it up (paraphrased):  “You should stay in your group until you’ve shipped one or two product cycles.  When you’re in the back of the meeting and you’re the guy rejecting all of the ideas brought up to improve the next version because they’ve been tried and you’re pointing out how they failed last time, it’s definitely time to move on.”  Times change, ecosystems change, assumptions change and the reason something failed last time might not hold true anymore. 

Anyway, random thing that’s really cool about my new job is that to familiarize myself with <movie trailer guy voice>”the cloud” </movie trailer guy voice> is that I’m actually writing some stupid small apps that use it.  It’s the first time in the last few years that I’ve actually written code and while it’s not something I’d want to spend all day every day doing right now, it’s a lot of fun to get a bit back into it.  Yes, I’m a geek.  Oh, and Azure is super cool.  I’m not biased at all (already) :).

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