technology that never fails…

I admit it, much to Clodagh’s chagrin, I’m very much a gadget person.  I lasted with Windows Mobile for years because it was the best smartphone for me – being able to send work email has generally been a hard requirement for me.  Last year I moved to the iPhone  and I’ve generally been quite happy with it and it’s been as user-friendly and reliable as advertised.   Lately my iPhone has been a bit crappier and I think it culminated last weekend when I was out playing golf and trying to use the GolfCard app to track scores, the type of shots, etc.  And it crashed on me losing my round 14 holes in.  Three times in a row (I’d re-entered the data twice).  This is not to mention that battery life is worse after updating to the latest version of the iphone software.  So much for wanting to stay with the latest and greatest :(.

Oh and that technology that never fails?  Paper scorecard plus a golf pencil :).

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