snow-covered Ireland

Finally getting around to posting about pictures that I took on our trip to Ireland over Christmas.  I was there for around a week, and we were snowed in for almost all of it.  Which means that the rental car looked like this for the majority of the trip:

Even if it was a bit tough to get around, it made for great scenery… 

Unfortunately it was also extremely cold and windy up on the hills so I got a bit lazy while we were out hiking.  So I’ve got some shots where I took the time to throw on the polarizer and get nice deep blue skies like the shot above and these:


And sometimes I was too cold to bother with it and the skies aren’t quite as nice :(.  I’m sure if I took the time to brush up on my photoshop skills then i could ‘fix’ these too.

Good reminder that my photography skills are very much a work under (snowy) construction.

Like normal, you can find more photos online in the gallery.

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