Johnstown Castle

I’m just back from a week in Ireland and managed to get around to see a few things while there – the pictures from this post are from our visit to Johnstown Castle in Wexford.   The next couple days and posts will cover some hill walks and some things and shots from up North as well as closing out the trip in Dublin.

First a bit of travel guide summary :).   Johnstown Castle is an 1800s era mansion built in Wexford that now operates as a tourist destination with gardens to wander and an agricultural museum on the grounds.  The museum also includes a pretty large and interesting section about the famine.  When we were there the castle/house wasn’t open to visit and I get the impression that unless you’re hosting a meeting there or having a wedding there, it’s generally not open.  If you really want to see the inside of this type of house you should go to Powerscourt in Wicklow instead.  If you’re further south or prefer also getting a feel of rural life and tools through the years, then Johnstown Castle is worth a drop-in.

On to the photography :).  It was kind of a grey and crappy day while we were there so I ended up shying away from landscape-y photos and started looking for textures and things that might be good desktop backgrounds.

Firstly, obligatory picture of the house:


We ducked under some trees in the walled garden to get out of a passing shower and noticed rusty nails coming out of the brick wall.  Below both with the color version (which I think I prefer) and in black and white.


Wander on the other side of the wall and a bit further down, it was starting to be overtaken with moss.  Second picture is a walled up entryway, but not sure where it went.


While talking about what kinds of trees were on the grounds, and realizing I know nothing about the types of trees :), I caught this shot I really like looking up through the canopy with the leaves backlight by the sky.

Pictures from a hill walk in Tinahely in the next post…

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