Tinahely Walks

Continuing on with some of the things seen and done on my recent trip to Ireland, today is from a walk near Tinahely.

Travel-guide summary first :).  Tinahely seems to have a strong walking club that’s put together some very well-marked and well maintained walking trails near the village.  They even have a walking festival in the Spring.  This day we did one of the Mangan’s Loop walk from the loop walks.  You start out with a wander up a lane until you get to the start of the trail.  There are three loop walks altogether and at times all of the walks are using the same trail until they fork off onto their own bit.  Mangan’s Loop is the shortest of them, but you could easily combine a bit of the longer Ballycumber Loop walk if you wanted to still hit the top of Garryhoe hill but wanted a longer walk.  Overall the path was in good shape and didn’t require any specific skill.  The weather the day we went alternated from cloudy and dry, misty and dry, and very light showers.  Even though visibility from the hieghts wasn’t great it was still a very nice walk – I’d recommend these if you’re looking for hill walks and prefer something better marked and maintained then just wandering through a farmer’s fields and hoping you know where you’re going :).

On to the pictures 🙂

I’ll start with my favorite non-people picture from the walk (and the trip, I think).  Just as we continued down from the top of the hill we came across two horses grazing on the side of the field.  I caught this after we’d moved past them and were looking back towards the hill.  I also got a couple with both horses but their bodies were weirdly cut off from the hill so never really looked right :(.

As we were heading down the path back to Tinahely, a nice view of another close-by village


Lastly, examples of how the trail is marked and how they help you along:

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