Horses at the RDS

One of the nice things about being new to an area is you actually go do more things that are going on, whereas you probably wouldn’t if you were here for years on end.  A couple weeks ago the Dublin Horse Show was on in the RDS.  We took advantage of our continued good weather that we’ve been having this summer and wandered on over to take a look.  I highly recommend going next year when it’s back on if you missed it this year.  I you don’t live where it’s handy to go to this particular event, if you have something similar then give that a visit.   I’d never seen horse jumping in person before but it’s very cool.  You can tell the best of them are moving in sync between rider and horse and trusting each other’s lead.  Otherwise it just doesn’t work as well…

On to some photos and photography thoughts.  First is my realization of something I’d heard a while ago: if you want to shoot photos of something (be it sports, theatre, dance, concerts, whatever), you’re probably going to have a lot better access if you go to an amateur event or lower-rungs of pro rather than a top tier event.  In a side ring was amateur jumping and you could be right on the fences of the ring getting some great angles.   Not as good as being *in* the ring, but hey :).  The shots I got later of the main ring are much farther away and just not as compelling.

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