fields of green in Co. Cork

I was off work recently for a bit more than a week and I spent part of that time going back through photos taken this year.  as part of that I came across these pictures from a long weekend that we spent at Ballymaloe in Co. Cork.

First my travel guide synopsis:  We didn’t realize when we booked it, but Ballymaloe is home to Ireland’s version of Martha Stewart / Julia Child.  They host an admittedly expensive but pretty fantastic set-course meal as well as having a hotel in an old country house and grounds.  Nearby is the Ballymaloe cooking school which has a cookery shop as well as gardens etc.   It’s also close distance to Ballycotton and some unexpected and excellent cliff walks.  Photos from that likely to come shortly :).  If you’re looking for a nice weekend getaway and don’t mind or are actively looking for something a bit posh, Ballymaloe Country House is highly recommended.   Oh, and apparently it’s actually pronounced ‘ballymaloo’.

Onward to the photo!  I took this wandering around the grounds.  Coming from the road there’s a fairly large field in front of the house.  This is looking back across the field as rainclouds start to roll in.

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