Austin mural

I was in Austin this past weekend for the InfoSec SouthWest conference.  While I didn’t take many pictures, I did get a couple while wandering around one morning before the conference.  Still trying to digest the fantastic BBQ from the night before 🙂  Here’s my favorite of what I did take:

It seemed like it should have been some sort of tribute but I didn’t see any names or initials etc.  And there really wasn’t any graffiti or other murals or whatever on this section of the street.  I wonder the back-story of this.


Waking up to a rainy morning got me thinking back to some of the cold, clear, frosty mornings we’ve had this past fall and winter…  I took some photos shortly after waking up one morning and this is one of the ones I liked better from those…

Seattle Icons

First post after a really long time… Was talking with a couple of co-workers while travelling at a conference and got me inspired to look through some recent stuff and get something posted.  Went on a photo afternoon in downtown Seattle in Jan and caught Seattle icons in alignment: CenturyLink Field, SafeCo Field, Rainier and a ferry!.  Now if only I’d learned more about post-processing to get Rainier to pop a bit better…


Looking over the lake

My Valentines Day photo selection – this was taken on the ferry on Lake Como on our trip to Italy a few years ago.  This was a reflection in the window of a couple looking over the lake and enjoying the view and romantic scene…

Possibly the funniest/randomest part of this ferry ride was that two independent groups of people from Oklahoma were right behind us and talking about the Sooners chances in the upcoming season and analyzing starters and strengths weaknesses.  Boomer.  Sooner.

snow-covered Ireland

Finally getting around to posting about pictures that I took on our trip to Ireland over Christmas.  I was there for around a week, and we were snowed in for almost all of it.  Which means that the rental car looked like this for the majority of the trip:

Even if it was a bit tough to get around, it made for great scenery… 

Unfortunately it was also extremely cold and windy up on the hills so I got a bit lazy while we were out hiking.  So I’ve got some shots where I took the time to throw on the polarizer and get nice deep blue skies like the shot above and these:


And sometimes I was too cold to bother with it and the skies aren’t quite as nice :(.  I’m sure if I took the time to brush up on my photoshop skills then i could ‘fix’ these too.

Good reminder that my photography skills are very much a work under (snowy) construction.

Like normal, you can find more photos online in the gallery.

sunset at the beach (Lincoln City)

Apparently I’d just missed a beautiful sunset the night before, and this is the best that I got while in Lincoln City.   I had some other shots that would have been very cool if I’d had a tripod and could have used a long enough exposure to let the water go smooth / foamy, but since I was hand-holding the water always was too crisp for my taste.  On the other hand, I enjoyed a nice walk on the beach with Clodagh without carting around a tripod :).  Just reinforces that you can take pictures while you’re out doing stuff, but you’ll rarely be doing other stuff while you’re out to take pictures…

EXIF excerpt: f/18 ISO200 @ 24mm 1/40sec; edited including adding gradient in lightroom

colors and texture

A few weeks ago Clodagh, Carl, and Lee all participated in the Paddy’s Day Dash around parts of Queen Anne.  Since I’m not so much for the running, I wandered around shooting for a bit while they were on the course.  The Seattle Center has some great shapes, colors, and textures for subject matter – my favorite photo of what I took is this reflection of the base of the Space Needle off of the EMP…

Space Needle reflected off of the EMP

EXIF excerpt: f/8.0 ISO 100, 138mm, 1/60

And in case you’re wondering, yes they all succesfully completed the run 🙂


False advertising – no puppies to follow.  One of my favorite emails I’ve gotten at work in recent memory was a mail describing a process change.  It was fairly lengthy and at the bottom was the final section – Puppies!.  Which, as you might expect, was just some pictures of puppies.  Maybe a reward for reading that far?  Who knows :).  While I’m playing with the new site and set up and whatnot, here’re some random pictures of the dogs from recent times.

Rascal loves Lake Bill in Microsoft main campus.  Possibly the most exciting place ever (if you discount Double Bluff beach on Whidbey).  Giving the ‘photography’ tag some credibility – this was a series of shots where I basically had to throw it on full auto because he was running around like a loon. 

Meanwhile, Shay was not super impressed by the Tulip Festival.  The other dog there, the horses nearby, the flies buzzing around the flowers, yes.  Tulips no.  “Photography” comment here – I’m not super happy with how the exposure (white balance and the exposure of Shay vs. the background) came out here, but it’s about as good as I got it without getting more into layers or being more selective about lightening only the back.  Will have to try again when I have more time and patience for post-processing…